Fraud and contact lenses

A new approach to using labeled cards. They were the way gambling was used all the time by dishonest players. The described method is considered one of the oldest of those that are now known. Card games are often not without cheating by one player of the others; there are also the use of cheating methods by several players at the same time. How many were invented? The fantasy of people really knows no boundaries, especially if the issue is about money and deception.

At all times, cheating in gambling was inappropriate and punished. The punishments were different – for example, among the nobles there was a widespread exclusion of a person from his circle, which at that time meant a lot, then they began to practice beating and even murder. Nowadays it is dangerous to play, sitting down at the same table with representatives of the criminal world or just people who do not have the ability to restrain their emotions, especially when the fate of serious amounts of money is decided.

Over time, it became difficult to mark the cards, hoping that this step would not be noticed by other players. Nevertheless, there was a man who went around all the swindlers. It turned out to be an eye doctor who resorted to the services of his girlfriend. Their method is considered one of the best, perhaps even the best.

Ways to mark cards

Fraud and contact lenses The first means of label cards were different substances applied to them. During the time period related to the invention of the new method by the eye doctor, there have already been attempts to mark the cards so that other players do not notice. As a rule, substances visible in a different spectrum were used. They are noticeable if you wear glasses with glasses coated with a special substance in the form of spraying, which also hid the use of tricks.

After some time, the lenses began to be used, however, the spraying caused eye irritation and changed the shade of the lenses, making them red. All this clearly goes beyond the norm and, therefore, attracts the attention of security personnel. The positive side of the lens is the increase in the image at times, however, their use leads to problems with eye health.

Revolutionary scheme

Fraud and contact lenses The developer of the scheme came up with a new way to mark cards, unknown in any casino. It was significantly different from everything used before, and therefore the scammers felt safe.

First of all, it was possible to change the properties of the solution applied to the lenses. The latter remained transparent, without changing its shade. Next, a new solution was developed, with the help of which the cards were marked. It was impossible to feel it with the touch of fingers, but it was noticeable if you look at it using only special lenses.

Another interesting solution was the disappearance of the solution 45 minutes after its use, when all traces of its use were lost. If the guards or employees thought that someone had marked the cards and used the equipment for verification, they would hardly have managed to find something. Moreover, only a device that displays an image in infrared light and then within 45 minutes helped in the search. If the casino had discovered something, there would have been no evidence left and the only option would be to not let the suspicious client into their tables anymore.

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