The Savannah scam – how was the casino tricked?

Game scams are organized most often by professional players who know firsthand the work of the casino – former employees or regular customers. A successful game against the casino is possible in a team, as operations are complex and it is necessary to disperse the attention of employees on different people. “Savannah” was actively used in the second half of the 1990s. Security staff of many casinos classify the approach as the most productive. Savannah is available to players who make small bets and use the help of a small number of people.

Why such an unusual name

The scam got such an outlandish name because of the organizer’s favorite dancer, professional croupier and player. The method has been used repeatedly, not one hundred times. By the way, only one case was recorded in history when the combination did not work.

Casino security services quickly unravels the secrets of scammers in our time, their methods, but nothing happened that time. As a result, players were simply not allowed into the casino, a series of winnings could not be the norm, and reasonable suspicions arose regarding the honesty of the players. The famous fraudster revealed a secret in one of his books after he was invited as a consultant to the casino.

What is the scheme?

The method is one of the variations of chip substitution. Chips of different denominations are used, which makes life easier for players and the task of detecting a scam is complicated. The invention itself was at the top of the genius of swindlers and at the same time simple to understand.

The player had to make a bet by placing a chip of $ 5 minimum value on top of the pile. The subtlety of the scam was that the chip moves slightly towards the dealer, hiding the larger chips. Most often played five thousandth chips. If it was possible to win, the chips did not change; if not, the player deftly changed large ones with a deft movement of his hand and fingers, moving them into his own pocket.

The casino staff did not go unnoticed by such a manipulation and a request followed to return the chips to the gaming table. Chips returned, but not large, but small. There was nothing to complain about – everyone knew that the top chip was priced at $ 5.

The player had to convince the croupier that there was nothing wrong with his actions, the reason for his action was a simple awkwardness caused by alcohol and fatigue. Playing a simpleton, he scattered in apology to the croupier and the rest of the casino staff.

The key to success was the excellent preparation of the participants, before entering the game they honed their skills, bringing them to perfection.

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